When Should My Child Get An Orthodontic Evaluation?

When Should My Child Get An Orthodontic Evaluation?

Usually, people associate orthodontic procedures, particularly braces, with adolescents. However, there are several reasons why you should arrange your child's orthodontic evaluation much sooner, even if their baby teeth are still visible.
Dr. Donoghue of Sandia Peak Dental in Albuquerque, New Mexico, may assess your child's orthodontic needs and determine whether early treatment is necessary to avoid more complicated and costly operations later on.

When Should My Child's First Orthodontist Appointment Be Scheduled?

Your child should get his or her first orthodontic examination by the age of seven, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. Although this may appear to be a very young age, it is the best time for an orthodontist to inspect your child's teeth and evaluate their bite alignment.
Unless your orthodontist uncovers a major condition that needs immediate treatment, therapy will not be advised until your child is around the age of ten.

What Are the Symptoms That My Child Should Seek an Orthodontic Evaluation?

Every child can benefit from an early orthodontic evaluation; however, there are a few clues that your child may benefit from a visit to the orthodontist. Here are a few things to keep a lookout for:
  • Premature tooth loss due to cavities or trauma
  • Snoring or breathing through the mouth
  • Protruding and/or overcrowded teeth
  • Biting or chewing difficulties
  • Thumb sucking
  • A family history of affected or lost teeth

Why Should I Begin Orthodontic Treatment Early?

Orthodontic therapy is often included as part of a comprehensive dental health care regimen for many people. The difficulties alleviated by these therapies are frequently more than just cosmetic. Orthodontic care also assists a child in developing a healthy mouth, jaw, and smile before they reach adulthood.
Early treatment, for example, is advantageous for situations such as Class III malocclusion (underbite). With an underbite, the window of opportunity to create major change closes by the age of ten, so starting at seven makes sense. And it produces results that are rarely possible once a teenager's jaw and face have fully developed.
Children are less self-conscious at the age of eight than they are at the age of fifteen. If orthodontic therapy begins early, it alleviates the anxiety associated with braces during puberty and eliminates the need to add crooked teeth to the extensive list of attributes that teens sometimes obsess over when evaluating their appearance.

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